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Count Me ItToccata Blocks are proportionally shaped tiles that help music students learn about rhythm and meter.

By matching the time signature blocks with their correct bases, you create just enough room for the correct number of notes and rests to fit in that measure. Toccata Blocks are perfect for music teachers and music students alike. They are portable, durable, and are fun to play with.

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The time signature tile is placed into the matching base. This tile is color coded to match its base.

Toccata Blocks Step 1

4/4 means 4 beats to the measure, and the quarter note gets one beat. Select the correct number of notes and rests to fit in the measure.

Toccata Blocks Step 2

On the opposite side of each tile is the note’s corresponding rest.

Toccata Blocks Step 3

Toccata Block Sets Contains 10 Different Time Signatures

This variety allows students to grasp the logic and concept of rhythm and meter.

Time Signatures